Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Boy!

Well, I haven't been blogging as much as I hoped lately - mostly because I've been working on Kim's dress. After a wonderful preliminary fitting, I made up the garment, only to find out that there were several changes she wanted to make. This necessitated playing with a muslin some more so I've made a new muslin of the bodice/sleeve/collar and am set to meet with her tonight for another fitting.

Another thing I've been working on is my website/domain name. I already own the domain name "", however, I was having trouble pointing that domain to a site I had set up through Since it was a free site, I wasn't able to get very good help or a remedy to my problem. So, I went looking for inexpensive hosting. I had paid for hosting last year, but after doing my business taxes, I realized it probably wasn't the best use of my money. However, I was made aware of a very reasonable hosting site,, where I have opened an account and re-established my website.

However, I am also learning away to use to create websites at work. Once I figure that out, I think I may switch over since I can have my website and blog all in one place. After Kim's dress and one other I've already committed to, I am going to set aside custom work for a bit and give my sewing energy to my Etsy store. Being that my business will primarily be on the web, I want to have a more professional web presence. I think switching to WordPress will help me do that.

What about you? Do you have a blog, website, third-party online store or some combination? Where have you found to host your sites and what do you use to build your webpages?


KaraHaus said...

WOW! I have no idea how to create my own site. I would love to and might have to take a lesson from you! Will you sell through it or Etsy!?

NICO Designs said...

good luck! I have been working on my own website as well but will look at wordpress.

And so sorry to read about the wedding dress--all of that work!